Monday, July 25, 2016

One of the highlights at the start of SONA 2016 is the image displayed above - Duterte, while walking towards the podium, stopped, extended his welcoming hand to his principal critic De Lima - a warming sight. Afterwards, the president directed a childish smirk, quite jokingly, to De Lima as he continued walking. It was a relief to see the alleged rivals, on the Philippine war against drugs and criminality, greeting each other, seemingly respectful of one another's stance on issues, their duties and responsibilities. 

I view this much like how Yin and Yang co-exists to work together and create equilibrium. The war on drugs and criminality must have a check and balance, for people are easily corrupted with absolute power. The good turning evil as easily as flipping a coin. 

For we are creatures of passion and we may easily misconstrue the good that we do as absolute, unknowingly becoming villainous, destroying lives as we complete our quest. 

The Philippine National Police, however I respect the institution and Chief "Bato" Dela Rosa, must be able to effectively instill in the minds of the legion, that their power is not absolute. Their forces are instruments of change and not harbingers of justice and death. 

Going back, if President Duterte and Senator De Lima understand their differences and the impact of the work that they both do, why can't we allow for the same understanding? Such balance is necessary. As supporters of good change, we must create a narrative towards peace and prosperity, one which we can be proud to leave for future Filipinos. 


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Duterte and De Lima Shook Hands at SONA 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

After all that has been said and done, by candidates, by friends and families, with their bickering and debating employing some form of contempt, disagreeing on perspectives of which the arguer may never see, believe nor comprehend, finally, the elections is over. Within hours, we shall know with certainty who won the people's hearts and votes. 

With such irony, however, another round of belaboring points which are moot and academic will find its way to your inbox, your newsfeed and your timelines. These shall clutter your mind, activate thoughts of propaganda and conspiracy. Believe you me, for a man who loves conspiracy theories, such needless expense of brain power shall exhaust you to forlornness. 

Like a relationship gone awry, one must accept defeat and move on. Your candidate shall survive defeat, you shall need to survive, go back to your work and do good with the time that has been given to you. 

Read more, make yourself wiser, understand the perspective of the people who challenge your beliefs on good governance, accept that people's opinions are their own, eliminate your unjust bias, support the government for the good things they initiate for us, stop blaming the government for any misfortune, follow the rules and help implement them, inspire youth enculturation, take care of our environment, love our country. 

In this light, let me leave you this satellite image of our country. You may have seen this countless of times in your life. But take a minute to look at this again with utmost contemplation, with the proverbial understanding that this nation is one and its people must be one with the government to create the good change we want and we clamor. Change starts from within you. 


"It only takes one Juan to achieve a progressive Philippines. Once every Juan has this mindset, the Filipino people can achieve anything."
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Halalan 2016 Now Over: Time for Unity and for Change

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mulling over the negligence COMELEC indirectly perpetrated against the voting Filipinos. 

The Senate must investigate as to why experts were not tapped to ensure its data security. Why were they so prepared to collect the private information and biometrics of the citizenry, without investing on high-valued data encryption infrastructure? If equipment or IT experts or personnel were out of reach due to budget constraints, then why did they collect these data in this first place if they are unable to insure against breach? COMELEC may not have been able to cover all areas of data security but it should have been one of their highest priority. It is utmost negligence. 

It is however true that you may not be able to protect your personal information in this day and age of social media frenzy. However, a public database of collated private information of a person packaged in relevant bundles of data, which even includes their fingerprints, is dangerous at most. 

Imagine your bank accounts, subscriptions and online memberships can now be easily hacked with the leak of your personal information. It will be hard to scrub this data all over the interwebs, as servers make copies of copies of data. I would suggest you change your passwords or enable two-step verification via your mobile devices. 

Now I cannot help but wonder, if COMELEC data security was breached, then how are they able to secure the integrity of the voting results? 

What do you think?


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How can COMELEC Protect Voting Results after Leaked Voters Data?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My comments on Senator Trillanes' speech while #HarapanBise.

Sen. Trillanes is wrong to abolish K12 if ever he wins the vice-presidency this 2016.

K12 shall enable the graduates to get hired after Senior High School. Businesses may then choose to hire K12 graduates for clerical and non-technical jobs. It will employ many and save a lot of cost for families who are continuously striving to pay for their children's college education, knowing that a college diploma is a pre-requisite to getting hired. Now with K12, university can be an option for students who are capable to proceed with higher learning - much like a decision to do post-grad studies. More so, K12 graduates may command better salaries compared to their rates if they are only high school grads (pre-K12) - they may also consider working while studying, footing their own bill for their university tuition.

I also believe that after Senior High School, the students are more matured and mentally prepared to seriously commit to studying and to better comprehend the complex concepts and ideologies being taught in college. With this, we shall have truly learned graduates who can really apply what they have learned in practice.

I know this from experience since I propagate an academe IT product and talk with a lot of private schools and with DepEd reps. I also remembered my college days wherein I shifted from IT, Architecture and Pre-Med studies... at that time if Senior High School was available, then I may have honed in on a course which I am prepared to study.

Hence, I believe the importance of K12. If you have read this post, pls explain to your families, friends or staff who have kids affected with K12. Its more advantageous than it seems, do not listen to the propaganda of politicians. #HarapanBise

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Sen Trillanes is Wrong to Abolish K12 in Harapan Bise Vice-Presidential Debates

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The CNN Philippines #PilipinasDebates2016 provided a platform for the Filipino People to get to know the Vice-Presidential candidates. So, here are my thoughts...

I think Leni Robredo can provide a workable balance in the next administration. She might not have won hearts tonight, as others are more experienced, but she gathered her strength and said enough right things to convince me she can work well with the next president - Duterte or not.

Escudero is coming out lack-luster, sure enough he is saying the right things and can answer brilliantly, yet it feels rehearsed, much contrived. It feels like winning for him is more important than serving the people.

Cayetano and Trillanes are both oozing with passion, with or without the vice-presidency, I feel both will work for the betterment of the country with no less than the same devotion. Honasan, however, may fall prey to chauvinistic ways, even though he makes sense - we now need new blood.

Now, tonight was really hard to watch for the Marcos family, mind you, the retorts were more exciting than earlier's Pacquiao fight. Bong-Bong Marcos, however genius, may not be able to escape his fate - to answer for the undoing of his family. Even if he may have a change of heart, this generation still remembers the sins of their past.

So, Leni Robredo it is...

For those who have not watched the #PilipinasDebates2016, I suggest you go youtube. Let me know what you think.

PS. The Vice-Presidential Debates hosted by Pia Hontiveros and Pinky Webb was managed better than the last Presidential Debate. Kudos to CNN Philippines.

Vice-Presidential Debates 2016 via CNN Philippines

Sunday, March 20, 2016

After a night to mull over the late #PilipinasDebates2016 #BilangPilipino show hosted by TV5, which mind you taught several homes about patience being a virtue, I am now inspired to share with you my thoughts on our presidential candidates. 

Indeed a night of revelation, full of ruckus, rowdiness and even comedy. The candidates were all-out gutting each other, like a classroom scandal where the teacher cannot control her students, it was looking immature, yet it was raw and exhilarating. Even the pre-debate recording is a must-see, showing the candidates tenor off-air - Poe is attentive, Duterte is charming, Roxas is being himself, and Binay, well, he is late, looking to get away with his kodigo. 

If you have not seen last night's debates or any of the presidential debates and you will be voting this May, then its your duty to google it. Now off to my conclusions. 

Running the country is no easy task. I run small companies and its like rearing a family. Now can you imagine one man shepherding 110 million lives? It is important to note that only the politicians change office and not the general staff in the government departments, GOCC's and LGU's. So without the fidelity of the people, how can one run a country? Imagine a king, going to war, without his generals. 

In this light, I was thinking that only Roxas and Binay will have the machinations, influence and allegiances to run the country due to experience and time in office. So both are indeed very qualified. 

Binay was able to project an impressive 25-year plan for himself, from being mayor to our next possible president. His campaign is meticulously well-planned. But on last night's debate, the ghosts came calling. His face could no longer be described as a victim of political oppression, his look and demeanor became that of the guilty, of a person who has no new excuses to spin. I laud him for surviving last night, he walked away with bruises, of course, along with his notes. 

Roxas on the other hand is composed, prepared, executory and really is knowledgeable about governance. He is utterly a very qualified presidential candidate. Yet sadly, somehow, the majority still believes he is unaccomplished and unworthy. Roxas has indeed done a lot. But when Binay stressed what most think of his leadership - paralysis by analysis, this pervaded the audience, making Roxas more angry - quite exciting. Moreover, evidenced by the pre-debate recordings, his charm cannot even compete with Poe and Duterte, as his counter-parts worked the crowd, getting more cheers. The Roxas campaign must now focus on getting the CDE votes - he needs an Olivia Pope. 

Poe, on the other hand, has shown resilience. She is both eloquent and brilliant. I loved her on last night's debates. The only time she was rattled was when Binay read the oath of allegiance she took when she availed of the privilege of Dual-Citizenship. This reminded the Filipino People that if she becomes our president, her allegiances may also be dual, serving two masters, making her also corrupt, even if her hands stay away from the country's coffers. Furthermore, I personally think that she should have waited another term to gain more experience. She practically has little to no skin in the game as compared to Binay, Duterte and Roxas. Last night, it was apparent that she is unfamiliar with some of the inner-workings of government. Binay even mocked her regarding the PHP 70 Billion Coco Levy funds that is no longer useable; Roxas even retorted on her poor knowledge of DILG and PNP hierarchy. I, however, hope her resilience shall work on the Philippines' favor. 

Finally, Duterte, he is truly surprising us all. The man who has shown indecisiveness in running for office is no longer that man. Last night, he has shown great intent in serving the Filipino people. He is experienced, knowledgable, focused, patient and knows when to throw a jab or to throw a spear. He choses his battles carefully, returns unscathed and manage to still be magnetic. I was under the impression that the disadvantage of Duterte is by being a new player on the national level, with possibly few allegiances, little machinations to run the country, with few generals under his command. However, after last night's debate, that purported disadvantage is now becoming his great advantage. Duterte is strong, he is not easily persuaded and can inspire piety and loyalty amongst the ranks. The man may really be able to clean house and improve on what the current administration has started, swearing and all. 

Bilang Pilipino, I now think DU30 FTW.

What are your thoughts?


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Bilang Pilipino Pilipinas Debates TV5 Review

Monday, December 21, 2015

So I just finished watching #ForceAwakens for the 2nd time but now on #iMax (do not worry conerds, I will watch it triple to contribute to #ForceAwakensMustEarn2BillionUSD lols), and so consequently, I have a new theory about Ray. Who is she? Who are her parents?

I have read some bloggers saying she is the daughter of Luke or the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, so to make the plot points more sensible (they said somehow Luke jedi mind-wiped the memory of Han and Leia of their daughter cause apparently she is so powerful) but I would rather not see that cliche come true - which is a battle of cousins or brother and sister. I feel if either of the above is correct, then its utter shallow corniness will ruin the trilogy. Yikes.

Anyhow, my theory is that Ray is not related to the skywalkers. Like Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader), Ray is one of the children endowed with the Force, provided by the midi-chlorians.

Furthermore, I believe Ray is just one of the awakenings that Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned to Kylo Ren.

For some reason, Luke was able to save some padawans (jedi on training) from the massacre of Kylo Ren, he then left these padawans at several planets and waited until the first awakening to naturally happen. In this case, Ray is the first awakening. There will be others to awaken, and together they will revive the Jedi order. I think it will be more exciting this way.

What do you think? #starwars #Starwarsfan


Star Wars Fan: Who are Ray's Jedi Parents?

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